Embroidered Hogwarts Crest- Progress Report & Motivation Issues

Shortly after posting the Day 1 post for the Hogwarts Crest, I got my hoop back from the friend I had lent it to and I got to work. I got the ribbon on the bottom done and decided to call it a night.


The next day, I did a little more.

And then.. I stopped. I looked at what needed to be done on this project and my lap quilt, and the deadline for finishing them, and I just got so overwhelmed that I became demotivated. My train of thought was, I’m not going to get this done by the deadline, why should I even put the work into it?

Nearly a week passed before I picked it back up again. It was my day off and I just sat and embroidered in a different colour from about 10am-9pm. I managed to get quite a bit of the black outlining and the black shading done in that time and when I was finished, I was filled with a little bit more motivation than before. It was coming together and I could actually see myself finishing it in time!


(The current state of the project)

I realized that sometimes, in order to get the motivation to do something, you just have to force yourself to start it, because once you start it, the motivation will come. It may not be all at once, but rather little bits at a time, like in my case.

I’ll work on it some more tonight and then update you tomorrow on the project. The day is still young!


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